Stephen Beanz Rudden 

Producer/Composer/Multi-Instrumentalist Stephen “Beanz” Rudden is best known as the man behind the revolutionary UK Top 5 chart hit “Love City Groove” – the first rap song in the history of the highly influential Eurovision song contest to be chosen to represent the U.K.

Before that Rudden has enjoyed a dizzyingly eclectic and unpredictable career of utter versatility across the spectrum of music. After breaking out in the mid-`80s with the group Smelly Funky Beast and behind the scenes programming work with British synth-pop dance band Kissing the Pink, Rudden lit out on his own in 1990 under the production name Plutonic.

He took the industry by storm with a brilliant version of Mike Oldfield’s ambient classic “Tubular Bells.” This landed him a contract at CBS Records in London and a publishing deal with Warner/Chappell Music. Alongside pop co-productions and co-writes, he expanded into movie music writing the Main Title theme “Get Crafty” for the Kelsey Grammar film “The Real Howard Spitz” (Miramax), music for the Disney game “Astro Knights” as well as the U.K. pre-school series “Raindrops.”

Throughout the last 6 years Beanz has returned to the Eurovision scene writing songs for Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Malta and many others.

One of his most recent collaborative projects yielded him a cut on the recent release of multi-platinum selling J-Pop boy band sensation, ‘Arashi’ – with the single going 2 x PlatinumAlso recently another J-Pop cut on the No 1 Album Hocus Pocus by NISSYBeanz is currently working on Eurovision tracks for 2017, also co writing in LA with legendry 90’s ambient dance group ENIGMA Finally booked to attend song camps in Nashville, Malmo, London, and the Santorini Black Rock camp all later this year