Jonas Filtenborg

Danish born Jonas Brøgger Filtenborg (1977) started his musical career as a drummer. Although many songwriters/producers’ resumes may show an impressive list of artists, not many can say they’ve actually played with them – and we’re talking Sisters Sledge, Roy Hargrove, Westlife, Gloria Gaynor, Alain Clark, Beef!, Relax... All this on-stage experience translates clearly into his studio approach.
“It is my goal to bring out the unique in an artist. What makes a person special and stand out?

Great songs with a strong chorus are always key, but being able to convince the audience when playing a song live is also a big part of getting a message across.” In many ways the style of Jonas’ music is Scandinavian, focussing on great pop melodies combined with a strong rhythm base.

Having toured the world in his twenties, it was time to put focus on his producing/songwriting/mixing aspirations.

Jonas now runs his own studio in the Wisseloord complex together with his wife Kim Filtenborg-Ormel. “Kim is experienced in music marketing and promotion, and has a record company background.

Our company ‘BackBeat Music’ really is an equation of my creative skills on the songwriting & production side, combined with her experience and creativity on the business side.” Whether it’s songwriting or producing, Jonas faces the challenge with confidence and with his trademark positive attitude. As he puts it himself: “Everything starts with enthusiasm. Always.”